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Computer graphics courses

3d MAX courses are aimed at training artists, designers and computer modeling specialists to work in advertising and design agencies and salons. The program of the 3ds MAX course is aimed at obtaining the initial knowledge of the package necessary for serious modeling of objects, creating lighting and special effects, acquiring skills in interior design and three-dimensional animation graphics. The 3d max course program involves the study of complex cases of lighting and setting the environment (photorealism), the construction of three-dimensional models of premises using complex modifiers.

Our experts will help you plan the 3d max training schedule and program, taking into account the current situation on the labor market, your qualifications and career aspirations. If your plans include a deeper study of computer applications and 3 d max lessons and / or specialization in one of their areas of application (computer graphics and layout, design, WEB, etc.), the specialists of the Study Department will help you to put together a 3ds max training program with taking into account your career plans and financial capabilities.

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