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Ars Concept

“A design project is not just a collection of individual fashionable elements, but the process of creating an interesting history of the House and its owners.
"Ars Concept" is the development of design projects for a harmonious interior!
We will make your dream come true for you ”!

Company «Ars Concept» - a team of highly skilled designers, decorators and architects, creating exclusive designs - designs, unique and functional design of interiors. The company "Ars Concept" offers services for the internal organization of the space of various rooms and buildings: children's rooms, bedrooms, country houses, cafes, etc. We have been professionally developing design projects for 5 years. Design - projects of the Ars Concept company are focused on the implementation of three directions.

Functional interior comfort

We believe that functionality in the interior should not lag behind the artistic component. Competent design, project of a bedroom, living room and any other room involves the effective use of materials. In addition, in the process of developing a design project, we take into account who will be in the room more often. For example, the interior design of a restaurant will differ significantly from the design of a children's cafe. A comfortable interior is a healthy microclimate. Space can be organized in a positive, neutral or negative way. The ultimate goal of Ars Concept specialists is to create an individual interior. Shapes, lines, textures, color, light - the use of all design elements must be physically and psychologically safe. The development of the design of the project of the living room, children's room and any room is carried out in accordance with knowledge from the field of psychology.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
Artistic appeal

In the hands of the skilled Ars Concept specialists, all design elements become obedient tools for creating a harmonious interior. Thanks to the competent choice of proportions and scale, balance, the correct placement of accents, the finished design projects will appeal to the most demanding customers.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Design process

The design process is a chain of tasks faced by a team of specialists: designers, architects, contractors and other craftsmen of the Ars Concept company. Development of a design project for a country house, restaurant, living room - in a word, any building or a specific room takes place in several stages. Design assignment. At this stage, the most important thing happens - setting goals and collecting information for analysis. According to your wishes, we determine the nature of the future interior: - traditional or modernist; - strict or casual; -complicated or simple; - calm or dynamic; - closed or open; - discreet or warm. A detailed discussion of your ideas and wishes is the first step towards a finished design project. The project assignment includes: interior design in Rostov

- the goals of the project; -recommendations regarding space; -Your wishes.

Development of the project and its presentation

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”   We know that after drawing up a detailed project assignment, you would like to see the first sketches of the future interior as soon as possible. At this stage of the development of the design project, we present to your attention preliminary sketches, and also plan what materials will best help to realize the conceived interior design.
The choice of textures is so diverse (smooth, rough, shiny, transparent, matte, etc.) that there are a very large number of ways to translate almost any idea into reality.

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